Business Programs

Join our international student body to acquire qualifications that gets you a dream job fastest (professional certificate, diploma or degree) in any of the following areas:

Examining Body
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) UK •ACCA Computer-Based Exam Centre in Kumasi
West Afican Examination Council (WAEC)
  • •General Business Certificate Examination (GBCE)

  • •Advanced Business Certificate Examination (ABCE)


Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), UK CBE Centre in Kumasi

•Introductory Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting (FA1 & MA1)

•Intermediate Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting (FA2 & MA2)

•Diploma in Accounting and Business (FAB, FMA, FFA)

•Certified Accounting Technician (All the modules above + 2 options)

•Certificate in International Financial Reporting (CERTIFR)

•Diploma in International Financial Reporting (DIPIFR)

•Certificate in International Auditing (CERTIA)

•Diploma in Business and Accounting(F1- F3)

•Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business (F4- F9)

•B.Sc. from Oxford Brooks (with dissertation)

•Full ACCA qualification (5 modules from P1–P7)

•MBA from Oxford Brooks (with project)

•ACCA Qualification Papers:

          •Knowledge (ACCA Level 1)
                    ♦F1: Accountant in Business
                    ♦F2: Management Accounting
                    ♦F3: Financial Accounting (International)
          •Skills (ACCA Level 2)
                    ♦F4: Corporate & Business Law
                    ♦F5: Performance Management
                    ♦F6: Taxation
                    ♦F7: Financial Reporting
                    ♦F8: Audit And Assurance
                    ♦F9: Financial Management
          •Professional: Essentials (ACCA Level 3)
                    ♦P1: Governance, Risk and Ethics
                    ♦P2: Corporate Reporting
                    ♦P3: Business Analysis
          •Professional: Options (ACCA Level 3)
                    ♦P4: Advanced Financial Management
                    ♦P5: Advanced Performance Management
                    ♦P6: Advanced Taxation
                    ♦P7: Advanced Audit and Assurance

Graduates of our programs pass international examinations. Thus, they are awarded two certificates: one from APC, and another from the corresponding certifying institute. This double certification enables our graduates to work everytwhere in the world.

Certificate in English for French Speakers

Learn English Language or improve your knowledge or do remedials of it at APC so you can study or work with English Language confidently. You can also write TOEFL and IELTS at APC.

Certificate in Corporate Communication Skills (CCS)

This course prepares people to be effective and efficient public speakers. It has two parts. The first part teaches how to use desktop presentation software, Microsoft PowerPoint, to design eye-catching dynamic visual aids for presentations. The second part teaches the art of giving impressive presentations which are lively rather than boring, wonderful rather than a nightmare, and engage the audience rather than providing an atmosphere for yawning and dozing off. The course will help you to avoid reading off slides to your audience to avoid embarrasing yourself.

International Professional Business Qualifications

APC currently has been certified by the several international providers of professional business qualifications to run their programs in Ghana:

MOTIVATION: Professional education equips people with on-the-job skills, knowledge and competencies that they need to actually perform tasks at professional levels. It usually provides a profession rather than just certificates to students. Many people have multiple certificates from powerful universities and yet when it comes to getting actual practical work done they become incapacitated. However, graduates of professional programs are far away from such fate. They are confident with practical work as that is the focus of their education and training, i.e. hands-on oriented and competency based. Thus, regardless of how many university certificates an individual holds, it is very important for him/her to add to the credentials professional qualifications in order to become a well-rounded professional.

Details of the above programs, such as the enrolment procedure, duration, fees, and starting dates can be obtained from our office or by just a phone call or email.

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